Saturday, June 11, 2011

Are your eyes BIGGER than your stomach: Portions according to you!

Ok, I'll admit my EYES ARE HUGE!! Literally and figuratively. I love food, I love to eat, and for some damn reason I think I need a lot of it. Truth is however, portion control according to Tosca Reno and many other foodies is key when it comes to weight loss, and should be relative to your hand size. So listen up, especially if you are how I use to be! 

Protein: Should be the size of what can fit in the palm of ONE hand! You should also be having this size protein everyday, 6 times a day! 

Starchy Complex Carbs: Should be the size of one cupped hand! This can be whole grains or starchy carbs and have 2-4 servings a day! (for example, Im eating my oatmeal now! I poured it into my cupped hand, looked at it and it was an eye opener! It doesn't look like a lot, till you add water and microwave. It's actually the perfect amount, if I had too much it would get thrown away, so you are actually SAVING MONEY!)

Carbs from fruit and vegetables: Two cupped hands, and you should be consuming 4-6 servings of this a day! Think berries, for example, I put a few blueberries, raspberries and dried apples in my oatmeal with flaxseed!

Healthy Fats: 18% of your diet, 2-3 servings  a day such as a few almonds or a few tbsp of healthy olive oil! (fish, nuts, seeds, etc). 
So there ya have it, when you start eating Clean, and follow your portion size, and 6 small meals a day, you will feel how much more energy you have, the hunger pangs will disappear and the weight loss will begin!

*taken from Tosca Reno's book, Eat Clean Diet Recharged! 

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