Friday, June 10, 2011

The Perks of being....

Beachbody has taught me so much about self development, time management, and a million other things. I'm going to keep this short and sweet. After listening to Craig Holidays audio today (just listening to 15 mins of audio about how to build your bizz, your self development, etc can greatly increase your self worth, your state of mind and so on), I HAD to share some points.

Here are the perks of being your own boss, owning your own business, being apart of a company that is changing lives, that has the biggest mission in the world (stopping obesity), and has proven products.

1. We all start from nothing, but have the chance to gain EVERYTHING!! We all start with zero sales, zero coaches in our downline and have the same opportunity to BLOW it up! Great examples are Lindsay Matway, Scottie Hobbs and Tony Banawa. Linds has been in the business less than a year and is in the top coaches rank. Scottie has been in about two months and has won a challenge among our team and is about to make diamond. Tony has blown up his business in less than 2 months as well.

2. LITTLE investment, HUGE profit! By little investment I'm referring to the business start up cost. Let's talk about why there is a business start up anyway-does any company just willingly give you a discount on their products without you putting in some type of effort? NO.  This company WANTS people to pursue it, they are simply sifting out those who are committed versus those who are not. But the profit to be made is completely, 100% up to you. It's whether or not YOU decide to go for it. Most business cost THOUSANDS of dollars to start, and 8 times out of 10, they FAIL. which brings me to my next point..

3. Immediate mentorship. Your upline coach, the one you sign up under is who will (hopefully) give you support. If you sign up with our team, you better believe you will get the best support out there. We are teammates, not competitors!

4. Seniority means NOTHING-you don't wait for success, you go after it! Refer to the examples of the people who blew their biz up in a short time. If I could go back and have realized all this sooner, that would have been huge for my business!

5. Residual income-you invest your time. Regular income-you exchange your time for money. I remember working in the restaurant business and after I got off my shift and made a whole wopping $70 I had to go pay my $80 water bill. I felt that I just traded my 5 hour hard working shift of dealing with nasty pizza slicers and drinks for the use of water in my OWN HOME! I remember thinking, pardon my french, this is BULL $H**! With beachbody, with the Bombshell Dynasty, you are investing your time, your dreams, your goals, for a future that is based on residual income. By giving and helping, you receive. It's a basic concept from years ago, you give, you receive. Craig Holiday says that we spend the first half of our lives trying to succeed and the 2nd half of our life trying to be significant, well guess what-with this business you get to do BOTH simultaneously.

These are a spin off what Craig Holiday said, these are his ideas and thoughts, but I felt that I needed to share with fellow coaches, and hopefully future coaches.
and lastly,
Is Beachbody a SCAM?
watch this quick video:

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