Monday, May 16, 2011

Birthday/Mom and Karen's Visit

Something about having your family come makes for the most memorable experiences. You don't have to hold back one bit of being too dorky, or too serious, because we all have similar genetics. I love my family more than anything and being around them and staying connected to them is the best part of my week! But actually having them come to visit and experience the Florida lifestyle is bittersweet. They are my home away from home, they bring a little slice of heaven with them and leave the entire pie when they leave.

Plus, there is nothing better than having a mom who is a twin! It's truly double the trouble like getting stuck in a canoe on the intercoastal (won't get into that!), and double the fun when celebrating my birthday. They are just as crazy as I am about dogs and even loved my cat (big pussy poo!!).

Some highlights: coffee every morning, bike riding to downtown Dunedin, eating lunch, renting a canoe (like I said, not goin there! haha), going out to an island or spoil as the locals call it, Tarpon Springs, Salt Rock Grille with Tasha, walking along the beach and bike rides.

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