Monday, April 4, 2011

Turn your Home Into a Gym, Turn your Body into a Machine

So last year about this time, I was 137 pounds and looking for a way to loose weight. I joined the YMCA and started attending Zumba, core classes, ran the treadmill, and swam. I was paying about $34 a month for the membership and while it was nice having amenities such as the sauna and pool, I realized I wasn't loosing weight and I wasn't receiving the support I needed. I also found myself walking around the gym aimlessly looking at the different workout equipment and thinking to myself, "I use to work out on my own when I was younger and I was in great shape, why can't I get motivated here?".

I got rid of my membership, bought p90x, adjustable weights and bands, and a yoga mat. I was ready to CONQUER it, mind you this about May or June last year. I made it through 2 weeks of p90x and quit. I can't really remember why. Maybe it was because I didn't know anyone else doing it or I felt silly for not being able to finish the videos.

Fast forward to Jan 2011, I started p90x for the THIRD time (third time is the charm right)! And here I am on week 11, 13 lb. lighter and a coach for Beach body. What a change! So lets talk equipment. If you are like me and don't feel like driving to a gym, paying for a facility where you aren't receiving endless support and encouragement then consider this option:

To have a gym for 1 whole year at about $35 a month you are paying $420. Has your body and mind changed within that year at the gym? Now, don't think I am bashing on gyms, they can be great, but that is A LOT of money. Maybe you need to be in that gym atmosphere, and if you do check out a local fit club for beach body and try different programs!

To buy p90x or any other beach body program it can range from $50-$120 and the support is endless. You have discussion boards, a chance to win money, meal plans and grocery lists at your fingertips, nutrition backed by 100 doctors like Shakeology and people who can relate to your struggles and successes. It's what got me through this third try at p90x.

So what equipment do you need? I love buying workout equipment and I figured if I was going to pay $420 a year for a gym membership, then buying $60 weights and arm bands was a great investment for the next 10+ years.

Here is what I have:
Weights 2.5-12.5 pounds $60
Resistance bands courtesy of Beach body $30 (coach discount)
Bands for leg work for Brazil Butt Lift (came with it)
My super cool HOT pink 80 style dumbbells (I've had those forever!)
Yoga Block-$5
The Perfect Pushup-from a friend
Weight Measurement-Came with BBL
Pull up bar-$20
Yoga Mat-$8
p90x: $90 (coach discount)
Total: $203

That is 200 CHEAPER than my yearly gym membership and I can get in the best shape of my life in 90 days, a meal plan, and a bunch of people cheering me on.

If you can't afford all that, thats okay! Check local garage sales, beach body for quality items that won't break on ya, or Marshalls/Tj Max.

Get a personal trainer like Tony Horton, Shaun T or Chalene 

Know your goals, keep them in plain sight, and have friends workout with you and list their goals as well

My equipment: adjustable weights, measurement tape, booty bands, light weights, perfect pushup, yoga mat, pull up bar. 

Modify where you need to to get stronger!

Use the pull up bar to wrap your bands around to assist you in pull up modifications!

Yoga is important for core strength, flexibility and elongating your muscles!

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