Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why do what I do?

My upline coach, Lindsay asked me what my why was for being a beach body coach probably back in January and what I was thinking was "to look hot! duh!" because that's the reason I joined beach body, started p90x, and ordered Shakeology, but then it became more than that. I was average in high school, danced, played soccer, sang, all that fun stuff, but even then I didn't have that ideal body. I accepted the fact that I would have a bigger butt (I literally was called A.Lo in school, and now butts are in! haha), hips, and curves.

After high school I got married 6 months later to my wonderful, supportive husband, but moved 3 days after our quick wedding. We moved to Oregon and I became weather depressed (it's beautiful, but it just rains and rains and rains) and I loved working out, but I thought I needed to be outside to get a good workout or a gym. I easily packed on pounds and my self esteem took a plunge. Then we moved to Florida and p90x was literally the talk of the town at the coast guard station. All these guys were getting ripped and I wanted in. I didn't know if there were girls doing it, but at that point I didn't care. I did it for two weeks TWICE and fell of the band wagon.

Then this past November I became a beach body coach at a home beach body party, listened to Lindsay talk about her life before beach body and was literally floored about how much I could relate to her story (working in the restaurant biz, being surrounded by negative people, feeling there was more out there then that!) and I signed up immediately. I was SO desperate to get to that party-my car tire literally BLEW out on the way there and I was like, "Nope, I am MAKING that party, I don't care if I am the last person there!" and thank goodness Ashton and Lindsay stalled a bit for me. I had been SEARCHING for people like Lindsay and Ashton and products like p90x and shakeology.

January of 2011 I started p90x and really pursued being a beach body coach. I stopped looking at how much I could get out of it when I realized that after making numerous posts about Shakeology via Facebook, that OTHER girls and even guys were wanting my help. Then people told me I inspired them, I have NEVER ever heard those words from anyone before. It lit a flame in my chest, and my heart caught on fire by the fact that I could affect someone else's life. That by being a product of the product I so much believe in, I could tell them that they can be BETTER then their high school body, that their life can turn a 180, that they can improve their health. I'm in the best shape of my life mentally, physically, spiritually and it only gets better from here!

So far, it has been the most amazing, humbling, and thrilling experience of my life. You truly cannot live a full life if you have not helped someone else see their potential. You know why? Because if I can help you see your potential, then you will help someone else see their potential and it will have a ripple effect.

So many thanks to Ashton for posting about Shakeology, Lindsay for being an excellent role model, Kati for being the best accountability partner and friend and the entire Team Dynasty for being not only amazing coaches but FAMILY!

oh and some abs to PROVE that it works! (with a little sweat!)


  1. This just made my night Abby! I am sooooooo thankful that you made it to that party back in November... I knew from the minute that we locked eyes that you were special and were going to do BIG things with this (and life in general)... I cannot begin to express how PROUD I am of you for not only reaching a HUGE landmark by qualifying for Success Club for the first time this month, but also because I know you see the BIG picture now!!! That this is BIGGER than you... much BIGGER than me... This is a few people who joined as a family to change the world... and we are and will continue to! Love ya girl! *BTW- KILLER ABS!!!*

  2. You look SO great! My husband is bringing p90x back with him from this patrol and I can't wait to get started!

  3. yay!! I will add you to our beachbody support/motivation group!