Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Goals for 2011

So back in January I started P90X, started pursuing my beachbody business, and did the Chalene Johnson 30 day Challenge. And WOW did I learn ALOT! I loved that woman already, but she is the guru when it comes to organization and getting your to do list checked off (go to to start). So I wanted to share with you my goals for 2011 so that I can stay accountable, review what I have ahead of me, and see how far I have come, because after all 2011 is 1/3 of the way OVER!
So here goes nothin'
My PUSH GOAL: To make enough money through beachbody to achieve a debt free lifestyle :)

1. Pay off credit card. *Gettin there!
2. Pay off my car.
3. Pay off my Mac *DONE
4. Pay off my personal loan. (wow, sounds like Im tons of debt. ha, well good thing is, I'm almost out!) *DONE
5. Loose 15-20 lbs and tone up! *just 10 more to go!
6. Get As and Bs in my psych classes *So far so good!
7. Get involved with a church :)
8. Go on my honeymoon
9. Learn Guitar * got the guitar and the book!
10. Go back to a dance class *found a studio!

So far, I have completed #3 and #4 and #6 is always a work in progress, but so far so good!
It's good to be able to share it, know that you are completing your list and working towards a better looking future.

I can also gladly say err type that my business as a beachbody coach has been successful and it's definitely helped me pay things off. What's better than getting paid to get fit, help other people and release financial burdens off your family? Mmm yup-doesn't get much sweeter then that!

So what are your goals? Are you working towards those each and every day? Are you making choices that are in favor with your wants and needs? Don't work against yourself, don't work backwards, have that goal placed right in front where you can see it and RUN WITH IT!

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