Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I am soooooo in love with my degree. But this post isn't about psychology, but the KEY to SUCCESS! And all it has to do with is... marshmallows. Weird right? Watch this video and I swear it will make you laugh and make you think about success in a new light!

The ability to delay gratification, self discipline. Did you hear that? How freakin simple is that?! I mean really? Let's think about it in terms of health, finances, marriage, growth, etc. P90X is not an overnight body makeover, it's a 90 day body transformation, and even 180 days, maybe more! That's success! Finances-you don't figure out finances in one day, you don't pay off your house in a day (unless you freakin smart and you have cash!), you don't have marriage figured out in a day or what to say, when to say it, how to woo your spouse, you don't grow in one day, BUT what you DO-DO is: Take one day at a time with your health, workout each day, eat right each day, pay off your credit card little by little, build a good credit report little by little, learn more about your spouse everyday one day at a time, grow in many many days.

It's simple: It takes TIME. Time and true effort, with delayed gratification so that 18-19 years down the road you can look back and say DAMN I did all that and look where I am. Maybe even 1 year! Just because you can't see automatic results, doesn't mean they aren't there!


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