Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anxious much?

We all have busy lives-work, school, kids, family, get dinner ready, bills, grocery shop, rent or mortgage, pets, appointments, and so on. It can be a bit overwhelming, so being anxious these days has become a norm. While some anxiety can be good to create a sense of urgency to get things done, too much can cause many problems-raised blood pressure, depression, even heart attacks.

P90X has a yoga video, that even I have to admit is friggin' long. While an hour and a half of yoga seems a bit much, think of it in this terms. It's an hour and a half out of your WHOLE week that you can actually slow down, clear your mind and sweat and breathe through the anxiety of the week. Leave the unpaid bills, work schedule, messy kitchen alone and just take that time to RELAX. While it may seem tedious and impossible to "clear your mind" while all this stuff needs to be done, it's a discipline well worth learning.

Even I struggle with Yoga X. It's already hard to do at least an hour, but an hour of poses that make me tremble is another situation. However, I have found that my core is way more stable and I feel leaner and longer after it. For me, the best time to do Yoga is about an hour before bed because after I could pass out from all that stretching.

Benefits of Yoga: Tone, flexibility, strength, improves breathing, energy and vitality. It helps maintain metabolism,  promotes cardio and circulatory health. It helps to relieve pain, and improve athleticism. Not so bad.

So grab a mat, and even if you can only do the first 45 minutes, just stick with it. It's in one of the most extreme workout DVDs for a reason ;)

BTW, this pic is not only my goal, but deng look at her legs!

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