Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Show Me Where the Moneys AT! DEFY YOUR GENETICS!

So my head is absolutely buzzing right now! I just finished Plyometric Cardio workout with ShaunT doing Insanity. I feel freakin amazing. So as a beach body coach I become a product of the product, a standard I live up to. My results will affect my business. If you want a hot rockin body chances of you going to someone who has so-so results is slim to none. You want someone who has had a BODY makeover! Let me be that someone, jump along for the ride, make a commitment and show yourself that you CAN do it!

I was close to accepting defeat, that this body was genetics and no matter how hard I pushed or how good I ate, I would always be average. Sure my thighs were strong, but they weren't sculpted. Sure my abs were  there... somewhere. Sure my arms were okay, they jiggle a little when I wave, but all that is changing. I AM changing. FORGET your genetics!!!

This blog isn't going to be all about sunshine and flowers and how wonderful it all is. It's going to be REAL. Real pictures, real results, real struggles. I will admit to my faults and I will get past those mountains. I attempted the shakeology cleanse, and sadly could not even get through day 3. But ya know what? I did NOT beat myself up, I told myself that I when I attempted it again I would know what to expect and be prepared.  Keep yourself busy, do not do this cleanse when sitting at home all day because your refrigerator is going to stare you down!! You do not need to put yourself through that kind of temptation! If  you want to just order shakeology I HIGHLY suggest using different recipes for your shakes. Add some strawberries or add mint extract.
*I would like to note shakeology website advises only using water for your cleanse to mix with the shakeology so keep that in mind as well.

At first I thought p90x would be rad. Then I gave it a shot and was blown away. You want me to do pull ups? Are you mad Tony? I kept working at it. I can officially do 1 pull up. 1 is better than none right?! With Insanity-I take my breaks. I don't overdo it so my heart feels like it's going to burst, but I do PUSH myself! I dig DEEPER! ;)

I am officially doing a p90x, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift hybrid! LETS DO THIS!

And ya know what's even better? Corey is doing Insanity and he is letting me track all his results. So all you guys out there, keep posted!!

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