Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't Stress if You Miss a DAY!

So, I was out of town this weekend and I was freaking out about not being able to work out. I even brought my p90x booklet so that I could at least bust a few lunges out while in the hotel. However, time wasn't on my side the whole time. I know that being in a program like p90x, insanity, etc. you feel the pressure to get it done at the projected time, HOWEVER life does happen! You go out of town, school was overwhelming, work was crazy, whatever the excuse, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT put yourself down! I totally struggled with this and was like "oh darn! I'm going to have to start all over" no no no!!

That thinking was totally wrong. Then  I decided I would do my best to just eat right and tell myself that I would jump back in my routine as soon as I was home. There is no sense in beating yourself up when things happen especially since this not just a 90 day challenge. It is a life choice and LIFE style! Just remind yourself to jump back to your routine and avoid those bad foods. If you can't control what is in store for you because of work or school, at least try to stay healthy by watching what food you put into your mouth!

Now I am not  saying, skip your workout and be lazy. Not at all, but if you are finding it hard to make a workout fit in your schedule, just tell yourself that you will do something else (go for  a quick walk, eat a good meal, drink shakeology, etc) and follow through with it. A little something everyday will make such a huge difference in the long run!

Another way to hold yourself accountable is by finding a success partner and letting them know your progress. I have TWO success partners, Kati and Elissa. Both whom I talk to everyday letting them know I worked out and hoping they did the same. If you need any help and want to be held accountable let me know or go to :
& and I would be more than happy to keep in touch with you!

“Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live.” Jim Rohn

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  1. Oh Abby, I am so excited about this blog! I have been working out the past few weeks, everyday, then went out Friday and Saturday with the girls this weekend, which made me so tired and dead (but was glad I went out because recent singledom does that to you). I was so mad I missed TWO whole days, but then I got over it and did double cardio the next day, and feel better about my decision. Anyway, thought I would share, this common and shared belief that we don't have to beat ourselves over the head..Life does happen ;)

    xo Court