Tuesday, January 20, 2015

10 Successful Habits of a Beachbody Coach

*DISCLAIMER: I'm working on these things myself, success is NEVER stagnant... there's never a plateau... once you've attained some of these habits, you must MAINTAIN them. Practice, focus, discipline. Plant, cultivate, harvest. Repeat.

To be honest, I'm not sure how many coaches look at my blog for business inspiration, and I know I don't blog about it a lot. However, that doesn't mean I don't have nuggets of biz advice my fellow coaches could use.

I believe we work better when we work together!

And another truth bomb... I'm honest about the effort it takes to run a successful at home business. It's work. It's hours on hours of drive, passion, creativity, and discipline if you want to truly DESIGN your future by your own standards.

Here's what 10 Habits SUCCESSFUL coaches do. And when I say 'success',  for some reason MOST people think it's all about rank. Not true, even if you race to the top in rank, if your personal growth and mind set/work ethic doesn't match -- maintaining that level of success will prove difficult.

If you're moving at a slower pace in your business because you NEED to grow yourself in certain areas, DO IT. Would you rather race to the top of the success/rank ladder and feel unsure of how to duplicate it (we call this building a house with a deck of cards), OR would you rather get there through intentional growth and help your coaches do the same?

I may not be Elite yet. I may not be 10 Star Diamond yet. But I'm creating the BEST me along the way, and helping the coaches on my team do the same. I want us to experience lasting, fulfilling, and abundant success. I've got time. Time is a commodity that I'm tapping into.

1. They don't WAIT for someone to help them, show them, figure it out for them, get a pat on the back, etc. 
2. They talk MORE about solutions then they do their problems. 
3. They don't let negative emotions or mood swings dictate their day and invade their work mojo. 
4. They run with 1 rather than drag 100 -- meaning they work the ones showing up.. not just the willing, but those who put in action consistently. 
5. They focus on inviting, inviting and... inviting some more. There's a defining difference between running a HOBBY and running a BUSINESS. 
6. They have healthy boundaries with their customers AND coaches... they understand the difference between helping and enabling. 
7. They are in personal development and trainings either DAILY or a larger percentage of their week. 
8. They know the difference between time wasting activities and results driven activities.
9. They space out their ideas and avoid creating TOO much work for themselves in a constricted time frame. It's ok to not jump on EVERY IDEA right away -- spacing it though your year allows for completion of previous projects and keeps you excited for the next. 
and lastly...
10. They're interdependent... they're independent knowing that they are responsible for themselves but they know they work better with other people who have the same vision and goals. Interdependent leaders start with WE, and not ME... they know collected efforts, ideas and strengths of other people will create a stronger business. ‪#‎TogetherWeAreBETTER‬

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