Thursday, July 10, 2014

It Cosmetics Makeup Review

Hi ladies!

I can't tell ya how much I miss blogging, trying new recipes, reviewing products and just sharing whats up!

I just want to put it out there... YOUR SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT AND COMMENTS ARE AMAZING! I really love when you gals go out of your way to email me or contact me. SO PLEASE don't stop! I love to get to know women LIKE me! That's the whole point of this blog <3

Alright. Make up. I have a love/hate relationship with make up. More love than hate.. and I wouldn't even say hate... I would say... frustrated.

Frustrated because ONE, I do NOT like feeling heavy powder or liquid on my face.

TWO -- I break out EASY. I had acne all through out middle and high school and sometimes I get adult acne (what a bitch)

THREE -- my skin is oily and by the end of the day -- its like what was the point in putting all that crap on?

FOUR -- I PREFER light weight, not noticeable and but high coverage makeup. That almost seemed impossible to find.

and lastly FIVE -- I don't like a lot of steps. I don't have time for all that. I need to get this stuff on -- feel and look pretty with minimal effort and get going.

It cosmetics used here:

So a couple weeks ago, I was getting pampered and prepared for our annual Summit event for Beachbody Coaches in Vegas... I knew it was going to be long days, hot days and a lot of pictures. So like any normal girl, I bought new makeup!! ... (that is NORMAL right?!)

Anyway, I ran into Ulta (beauty store like Sephora but so much more up my alley!) to grab Bare Minerals since thats what I had been using that seemed like it was light enough but still covering. UNTIL I met this sweet lady named Cara, and she introduced me to It Cosmetics!

At first when she told me it was a liquid that turned into a powder matte look, I thought "NOPE!" - I don't do liquids, it just always looked too cakey! Every brand I tried was EH.

So I let her do her thang anyway (I'm all for getting my makeup done -- regardless of the brand, its something I never do and its fun and FREE haha) and then I checked myself in the mirror.

UH YEAH. I like that look. Looked pretty flawless without a powdery, cake, or liquid look.

So here's the PROS:

  • Feels light weight and looks light weight
  • Comes in the compact (Fluid foundation + CC veil) and use a brush to apply, then it dries looking like a light powder
  • Waterproof, oily face proof, and all day wear proof!
  • Healthier and more holistic for skin care -- full of aloe, peptides, green tea, high concentrations of Vitamins K, A, C, E and Collagen
  • Extensive line of products! 

  • I really can't think of any yet...but if I do, I will come back and update! 
So far I have tried...

Fluid Foundation + CC veil: AMAZING. And if I'm someone who hates liquid makeup and I LOVE this and would wear it anytime-- that speaks volumes! 

Bye Bye Under Eye Under Eye Anti - Aging Concealer  AMAZING TOO! haha! Great coverage and I honestly have genetic bags under my eyes-- (dad I love ya... but deng it) 

Brow Power Waterproof Protector I'm a big time brow girl.. I think brows MAKE your face (or break) and its important that those things make your best features POP! The great thing about this is that its a gel, pencil, and its *WATERPROOF* wooohooo! 

Vitality Face Disk -- I don't have time to do all that contouring stuff, I just need my face to look like those girls on the IG accounts without the 20 min process. Ya feel me? I love that the bronzer isn't like WARM from Bare Minerals -- phew. I love the cheek highlighter and the blush is a great color! 

So what makes It Cosmetics the bomb? 

But what REALLY sold me on this line of makeup (besides the less is more look)is that it was so much natural, and holistic for skin... since I have acne issues (even at 25... what the heck) now and then, I'm picky about what I use. From the founder and creator, Jamie Kern Lima "As a former news anchor and a sufferer of Rosacea I wanted to have beautiful looking skin, but every product I tried (and I tried them all!) either wouldn’t cover- or if it did it would crease and crack and make me look 10 years older! That is when I knew there had to be a better way! At IT Cosmetics we work with plastic surgeons to infuse cutting-edge anti-aging technology into truly innovative high performance products designed to give you your most beautiful skin ever."

OH and if you need a good skin care cleansing line -- Skin Medica... pricey but worth it! << a GREAT investment.

So I suggest going into Ulta or another beauty stores that carry this line and have them do your makeup... wear it around all day and go to bed, if you  like it-- go get some! It's honestly amazing and I hear its suppose to last a long time!

To beauty on the inside and OUT! <3 

Ciao bellas! 

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