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PiYo Information -- What's it all about?!

So you want the skinny (STRONG) on PiYo I'm sure... rumors say that the program is close to selling out (picking jaw off floor) -- it's crazy how Beachbody keeps nailing it on the head with putting out legit home workouts. But I have to say, the certification was super fun, and honestly a good workout (ahem wearing lighter colors while working out and sweating your butt off-- not such a good idea ;-))

ANDDDD I had a GREAT time doing it with my team! I couldn't have been more excited to do a certification with people I know and LIKE! It's never really 'work' when you're having a good time right?

Oh, and hey ladies, your man or significant other can and should totally do this with you! Get more limber for the outdoors and maybe the indoors (if you know what I mean!)

So WHY PiYo?

So far, I've only tried TWO workouts; Define Upper and Define Lower -- and both were great (stay tuned for the full review in 2 months when I'm done) And let me honest for a sec, I am not a stretcher outter.. I mean I LOVE yoga and I loved having my nifty pricey membership, but DAYUM that stuff does add up. However, you put value into what you actually think is worthwhile right? BUTTT I always put it off, I'm bad about it. I try -- but not as much as I should, so this is going to be PERFECT for me (that and my bad knees and bad shin splints).

So after two years at a hot yoga studio I adored, I decided I need to take a step back and try a few new things -- like getting back in the gym and doing weight lifting, and then joining an MMA gym for kick boxing.

I like to get out of the 'box' of fitness -- but thats the great thing, there's so much variety. And while I love being out and about, that hot yoga got a bit pricey when you're focusing on saving!

And that's one of the things I'm most excited about PiYo -- its versatile and is MEANT to limber, stretch and strengthen a person out.

And after lifting heavy, putting my body through natural wear and tear, this program just makes sense. Loosing your flexibility is a sort of an ego blow -- I felt like my body was saying, "you're getting old and not taking proper care of me!"

*My team and I getting PiYo certified so we can teach! 

Who is PiYo meant for?

PiYo is meant for the person who wants to increase flexibility, balance, get longer looking muscles (hey we can't grow our legs, but we can sculpt them right?!), and wants to treat their body a little better. Taking that extra 30 minutes 6x a week to get a good sweat in, but also to stretch and work. I think its a healing program that will challenge your body at the same time. 

Think:  Low Impact & High Intensity Movement 

Let me explain it this way... if you mashed Pilates and Yoga together, but picked up the pace -- thats what is called PiYo. 

Pilates: an exercise method based on styles of yoga, gymnastics, calisthenics and dance (think modern). Joseph Pilates, the founder, designed pilates for rehabilitation purposes during WWI, however now there are VERY many styles of pilates. It's not a one size fits all! 

  • Benefits: Improves muscle coordination, balance, and posture. Develops a stronger core (think nice flat abs and strong lower backs), increases strength, and flexibility. To be honest it reminds me of a Core Power Yoga class -- super charged but modifiable. 

Yoga: Traced back to India some 5,000 years ago for meditative, prayer, healing and restoring energy purposes. While its evolved over the years, yoga has had a strong presence in the fitness and religious capitals. 

  • Benefits: Reduces stress, restores energy, increases flexibility and breath, releases toxins, improves balance and posture, connects the mind in body through breath. 
*super excited at certification <3 

What do I get when I order PiYo?

Well, I'm glad you're wondering that! First, you're going to love that you do not need ANYTHING for this-- just that body of yours! Oh, and a yoga mat ;-)

Your PiYo program includes:

8 WORKOUTS (ranging between 25-45 minutes 6x a week) 
  • Align: The Fundamentals (40 min.): This workout breaks down the most important and effective moves in the program to help you perfect your form and get the best results possible.
  • Define: Lower Body (25 min.): Get your sleekest and leanest legs ever as you lengthen and strengthen your entire lower body—from your glutes and hamstrings to your calves.
  • Define: Upper Body (35 min.): Use this incredibly effective workout to start chiseling away at your upper body to help shape your arms, carve out your triceps, and define sexy shoulders.
  • Sweat (35 min.): A traditional PiYo workout that incorporates effective dynamic conditioning, fast-paced cardio yoga-flows, and bodyweight resistance strength training to help sculpt your entire body.
  • Core (30 min.): This ab-centric workout hits your powerhouse from every angle to build a strong core, flat, sculpted abs and obliques, as well as a strong and sexy back.
  • Strength Intervals (25 min.): Twenty-five minutes is all you need of this nonstop body-carving, calorie-incinerating workout that uses no weights, no equipment, and gives you no bulk!
  • Drench (45 min.): This endurance workout maximizes fat burning while it works every muscle in your body. It will not only leave you drenched—it will kick-start your metabolism as you scorch away the fat.
  • Sculpt (30 min.): This workout uses varying tempos to keep your muscles under tension for different periods of time. This generates muscular endurance and metabolic changes that will totally transform your figure.
  • Quick Start Guide. Everything you need to know to get started including valuable insider tips to get your best results possible! 
  • PiYo 60-Day Workout Calendar to make sure you're progressing each week as you build up your strength, flexibility, and stamina.
PLUS, 4 FREE GIFTS (when you order through a coach like me =) ) 
  • Get Lean Eating Plan. A simplified approach to clean and lean eating designed to fit your lifestyle and your taste buds! Learn how to eat a variety of delicious, nutritious foods that keep you properly fueled, satiated, and nourished—and help you define your best body 
  • Buns (25 min.): Focused on the glutes, this workout is designed to lift, redefine, and tighten the entire backside of your body for the perfect tight and round butt.
  • Tape Measure. Track your progress as you melt the fat away faster than you ever imagined.

How Much Does it Cost?

It retails at 59.85 for (PROGRAM only) customers (and you have to estimate shipping) and about $45 for coaches! However, until July 31st it's FREE shipping.

OR you can SAVE $20 AND get free shipping by choosing the Challenge Pack that includes the PiYo base kit, 30 day supply of Shakeology on home direct, free shipping and me as your coach as well as access to our PiYo challenge group starting in two weeks! *both offer ends at the end of July

How Can I order PiYo?

If you are currently working with a Beachbody coach, you can contact them directly. However, if you're sitting there going, "whats a beachbody coach" either you don't have one, or you do have one and they have not contacted you or you are unsure who you were assigned to (if you have ever created a team beach body profile or bought something from their website)


If you DO NOT have a coach or you are NOT SURE but want to be coached by me, please fill out this form here and then submit it so I will get into contact with you.

If you have NO idea what Shakeology is, CLICK here and let me fill in some blanks for you!

If you want to purchase PiYo now and be in the next online challenge group (on Facebook) OR you just want the program or challenge pack in general, select an option below:

1. I want JUST PiYo 
2. I want the PiYo Challenge Pack (with Shakeology and access to your free online challenge group)

Either way, I want to hear from you, whether you're on the fence, or ready to buy. I love being able to help people feel better about themselves, don't we all deserve to have high self esteem and self love?

Stay tuned, I will keep you Piyo informed! <3

To find me on Facebook and see if I'm the right coach for you, please don't hesitate -- send me a friend request and let me know who you are!

I cannot WAIT to share my results with you ladies! Long, sexy leaner muscles here I come -- I envy long legs ;-)

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