Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Scale Doesn't Define You

So sometimes I get these random spurts of "SCREW THE SCALE ITS A TORTURE DEVICE!" and yesterday was one of those days.

Let me tell you ladies something.... the reason I weigh myself is to track progress. That's it. I don't get hung up on the number. If it's higher, that means there's work to be done. If it's lower, that means what I'm doing is working. It's just a way to check in.

And I do it every once in a while (mostly out of curiosity or before a new program I'm starting), not everyday, not every week, and def not AFTER a cheat meal! That would be straight up cruel haha!

So something I shared on my InstaGram (follow me @abbyfix) was this,

"It feels #DAMNGOOD to shop your own closet! I don't care about weight, clothing size or counting calories. I live for FEELING GOOD in my own skin life is too short to walk around UNSATISFIED with not only your physical reflection but also the internal one. I workout because it keeps me #healthy#happy and #sane. I do it for the burn, sweat, mental challenge and physical push. Wouldn't it be nice to slip into some old clothes that were once too tight? #HELLYEAH Ladies stop being concerned with the scale, it's a number that does not define you. I'm not a size 0 and I'm def not trying to get to my lowest weight. I'm trying to reach my highest potential by building LEAN MUSCLE. #strongbody = #strongmindset"

Wouldn't it be nice to not beat yourself up because of a number? Think of it as your bodies credit score... the more you abuse it and don't pay yourself in fitness and eating clean, the lower the credit score/the lower your self esteem.

If you want a high credit score for health and fitness, you have to start making the right choices that lead you to your goal. And they're usually small- choose an apple over chips at Panera, park farther away in the Walmart parking lot and walk, take the stairs at work vs. the elevator, do squats in between chores, stretch in the morning, swap soda for water.

Small healthy choices = ONE big CHANGE! 

If you want a health and fitness coach to keep you accountable message me on FB or email me at Let's get you started right MEOW! Cuz everyone wants to be a sexy kitten in their own way... whether its just feeling and looking good or taking that to the next level and getting RIPPED! But I'm here, ready and waiting to help ya! 

I look forward to your success, 

Abby Marie

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