Friday, October 4, 2013

Lower Body Burn Out

Alright ladies... I'm going to CABO in TWO WEEKS. That means, BUNS OUT SUNS OUT! AKA... I'll be in a bikini the whole time.

So what does any girl do?


a lot.

So I came up with a QUICK lower body burn out workout.. ready to die? GREAT me too, lets do this!

K so here's how it goes:

Stretch out real good, jump around, shake out your legs, and warm up. Take about 3-5 min to warm up! 

My favorite way to do this workout is like this:

20 squats with weights
15 Stationary lunge left leg
20 squats with weights
15 Stationary lunges right leg 
10 SUMO burpees
15 Hamstring ball curls
10 MORE Sumo burpees
15 more hamstring ball curls
20 side lunges right
20 donkey kicks
20 side lunges left
20 donkey kicks
15 deadlifts
15 Superman butt lifts 

15 deadlifts
15 Superman butt lifts
and last....
15 bowlers lunges
and STRETCH GOOD. You are going to be sore!

Description of moves:

Squats: pretty self explanatory-- make sure your form is on point! DO not go for speed, go for quality
Stationary Lunges: self explanatory, do one leg at a time

Hamstring Ball Curls: Lying on your back, put your calves on top of the stability ball, and dig your heels in. Lift your hips off the ground (only shoulder blades should touch), and roll the ball in using your hamstrings and booty towards your butt. 

Donkey Kicks: Get on all fours, and then drop down to your elbows/forearms. Make sure your shoulders and elbows are stacked on top of ea. other for proper alignment. Then with your right leg lift towards the sky, foot flexed and kept in a 90 degree angle. Lift and squeeze your booty when you get to the top. Hold for a second, then repeat. Bring leg (still bent in a 90 degree angle) towards your chest, then back up to the ceiling.

Side Lunges: Standing with feet wide apart lunge to the right, then repeat. 

Superman Butt Lifts: Lying face down on a yoga mat, with arms and hands on top of one another (lay your head on your hands), lift your legs about 6 inches and lower, repeat. 

Dead lifts: With feet firmly placed about shoulder width distance apart and a slight bend in your knees, hold two 15lbs (just a suggestion, do what works for you) dumbbells in each hand, then with a STRAIGHT BACK (do not hunch over, this will hurt your back!) lower your upper body down the front of your thighs. Stop when you can't go any lower or if you start to arch or round your back. Rise back up and squeeze your booty to a standing position and slightly thrust hips forward. Repeat.

Bowlers Lunge: Just look at the picture, trying to explain this one is a little hard. Just make sure you are keeping a straight back! 

Oh and here's some visual motivation:
I love Loni Christine! <3

and of course Jen Selter 

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  1. I couldn't find a comment box on your shakeology video so I just came to this most recent post. As a fellow blogger, I appreciate all the information you have here. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the nutribullet, but I just got one and began making smoothies with fruits, veggies and supplement powder etc. How is the shakeology different form this? Or what are your thoughts on making your own?

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