Friday, July 12, 2013

Vanilla Shakeology Review--Is it really that GOOD?

Vanilla Shakeology. I didn't think it was going to happen... simply because there are SO many ingredients in Shakeology and masking the taste of all those natural super foods would be TOUGH. But nonetheless Beachbody has done it again, this is our fourth flavor! I seriously wonder what they will do next... 

So Vanilla Shakeology. lets get down to it.

  1. Is it all it's cracked up to be flavor wise? One of the best things about this new flavor is that because vanilla is a neutral base, you can customize recipes to make your shakes taste like anything you want. You can have a "Vanilla Latte" for breakfast one day, a "PB & J" for lunch the next, or a "Tiramisu" when you're craving dessert. You can NEVER go wrong with just vanilla.
  2. How did they create vanilla flavor thats natural and can actually mask the taste of other ingredients in Shakeology (like wheat grass)? They come from a place where the soil is rich, the air is pure, and the water is untainted. They come from where natural resources available for growing vanilla beans are absolutely perfect. They come from the lush jungles of Madagascar, a remote island perched off the eastern edge of South Africa. And under this tropical rainforest's vast canopy, indigenous Malagasy farmers meticulously hand-pollinate each vanilla orchid by hand—then hand-harvest, blanch, sweat, sun-dry, and condition the beans (over a six-month period!) to release their incredible essence and aromas. So pretty much, these beans come from paradise
  3. How does Vanilla Shakeology come from Madagascar and make its way over here? How does this help the farmers? Through the purchase of these particular beans, we're helping invest in a wide variety of training for the rural Malagasy vanilla farmers. Not only are they learning optimal and sustainable growing and harvesting practices to help lower their costs, increase yields, and standardize their processes, they're also learning how to build a better infrastructure for their volatile vanilla bean industry. We're doing everything we can to help put an end to the prolific "slash-and-burn" agricultural harvesting that causes deforestation and soil erosion, putting unique crops (like vanilla), as well as natural resources, at risk. In addition to all the training these farmers will be receiving through our purchase of these beans, we're also helping to invest in the building and ongoing maintenance of new schools in this developing nation. These schools are being built with renewable resources and are currently enhancing the education of more than 3,000 local children

Ok first, can we just mention how FREAKIN COOL it is that OUR COMPANY is 1. in zero debt and 2. is helping Madagascar develop schools and improve the economy. now that is a company I stand 110% behind. That seriously just tugged at my heart strings, tear. But really... this is what I want to do with my life--completely serve others and if that means one bag of Shakeology can help people who don't have as much, then count me in. Plus I get a super sweet coach discount.

Watch me I'm funny: 

Ready to try something new? Ready for something pure? 100% pure vanilla? Want to be apart of an honest movement? A great company that thinks outside the box and helps others? Yep. its legit peeps!! <3 And don't forget if you order it on HD (home direct) you get FREE shipping!

Message me and get your sample--It's $6 for a single serving packet--includes shipping! or Facebook!

Abby Marie

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