Monday, June 17, 2013

Is Beachbody Coaching a Scam? Are MLMs a Scam?

AHHH YES... the infamous question of whether or not MLMs or Beachbody or these "pyramid things" are a scam....

Honestly, when I signed up as a coach, I could care less because I only wanted the discount... I kind of got invested into the business blindly and just went with it because I loved Shakeology so much. It never really crossed my mind to see if what the company was doing was considered a scam.

Luckily for ME, and 100,000 OTHER coaches--Beachbody and MLMs are anything BUT a SCAM and more of a wave of the FUTURE when it comes residual income, working from home, financial independence, and branding your business and name.

Let me explain... If you were in a restaurant, who's at the VERY top of that chain? The owner right? CEO. Big daddy--he's the tip top BOSS man... and as you start to go down this chain, you have managers, cooks, servers, bus boys, etc. Who gets the RICHEST from this? THE CEO of course.

Now imagine flipping that pyramid upside down... you have an MLM (Beachbody) oh and BTW if MLMs were a pyramid scheme, by law--its illegal. =)


SO as I was saying... YES you have a coach like me who has built a good size downline (as well as many others) BUT coaches can easily surpass me if they work hard, sign other coaches who are also business minded and working for it, and who work just as hard or harder.

Do I make money off my team? YES I make a certain percentage off whatever sales happen underneath me, but that gives me an INVESTED interest in my team--my success DEPENDS on THEIR SUCCESS. so even if I signed a zillion people and NOT one of them sold a thing, I wouldn't make very much, if at all... So I want to help them be successful and reach their goals! I actually get MORE EXCITED to watch my team grow and rank advance then when I do!!!

Can they make money off their team and even make more than me? YES, if I signed a coach and they build their downline (what we call the team) and have some GREAT coaches, they could certainly go farther or faster than I esp if they are productive!

WE ALL START AT ZERO-ZERO CUSTOMERS, COACHES, SALES AND MONEY. It's a leveled playing field, you just have to decide if you want to batter up!

So who's going to fatten your wallet? Yourself as a business owner OR will you keep making the CEO rich!?

Since being a Beachbody Coach this is how my life changed:

  • Instead of working restaurant job after job, I now stay home and work in either yoga pants, or workout clothes
  • I workout everyday and am the healthiest I've ever been
  • I get to write off workout clothes, technology,work trips, fitness gear, etc.
  • I make residual income and get paid every Thursday
  • I am happier than I ever have been because I can have freedom of choice in my life
  • I work when I want, where I want, and for how long
  • Im 24 year old business owner living in my own house with NO ROOM MATES
  • I've paid off all my debts--about 20k!!!!
  • I travel for work all the time and go to amazing life changing seminars
  • I have positive friends and people surrounding me, helping me be the BEST me possible
  • I don't feel lost anymore on my life...I finally feel that I have found my purpose helping people get in shape and healthy!
  • I get to share what has worked for me and meet people who want help!

So Will I FAIL as an MLM coach? Is it even POSSIBLE? Watch this: 

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