Monday, April 1, 2013

Smooth, Silky Hair-Great for Blondes!

Dye. Chemicals. Split Ends. The End.

or something along those lines, but either way, I don't want fried split ends to be the end result! So I hunted down some amazing products... and this is what I love so far!

K-Pak by Joico for hair-esp color treated hair! I've tried a LOT of Shampoos and Conditioners and this one I keep coming back to... it makes my hair feel fuller and stronger!

Kendi Bamboo Oil-the stick to your dynamite baby! So good! I use to use moroccan oil and it left my hair a LOT oilier then I liked and it was way over priced. But this is def WORTH the money!

Aphogee Keratin 2 minute reconstructor--I'm not sure of the quality of this product, but I like it! I use it when needed, so if my hair is feeling pretty dry and brittle I will use this in the shower while I shave my legs!

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri Wheat Leave in Conditioner-UHM this I cannot go without! Between the kendi oil and this one, they are the two must haves on my list and well worth it! This leave in conditioner and detangler are my go to truly will detangle any knot you have!

Miriam Quevedo's Sublime Gold Hair Mask--the ultimate hair mask IMO (in my opinion) for knotted, rough, split end, son of bitch hair! Seriously, if you are struggling with your ends, slap this on in the shower, comb it through, leave it on for the duration of your shower and rinse out! My favorite! I was lucky enough to find this at Marshall's for about $10, as you can see it's def more then that here!

You're welcome!


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