Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My FAVORITE tanning products

It's winter. You're pale and secretly so am I, but you wouldn't know it if you saw me (except the days where my fake tanner has worn off)! So how do us pale girls stay sun kissed during the colder months?!

**THE BEST way to apply tanning lotion is to:
1. FIRST take a hot shower, shave the places that need it and exfoliate with a scrub or washcloth to get rid of old dead skin.
2. DRY OFF completely---then use a thin lotion (nothing heavy like body butter) and the tanning lotion of your choice (I like to mix the banana boat below and St. Tropez together) and mix well in your hands, then apply to each leg.
3. Wash hands and scrub off lotion. THEN repeat, mix lotions, do your arms, chest.
4. WASH HANDS, repeat, spread over stomach, lower back, booty.
5. take a little extra of normal lotion (not tanner) and use over ankles, elbows, knees, and neck... make sure to rub in so that it doesn't have any weird streaks!
6. WASH hands thoroughly! then use a little self tanner and thinner lotion and use on your hands to blend wrists, and top of hands together well!
7. Stay BUTT naked for as long as you can, get ready, do your makeup, nails, whatever. Just try not to wear clothes for about an hour or so, then put on loose fitting clothes. Best time of day to do this is AFTER your workout or before BED!

Here are my FAVORITE products

Banana Boat DEEP DARK color ($8): ladies, if you are going to tan and fake it till you make it to summer, go dark! You won't come out looking like you just sat in the sun for 8 days straight, you will look natural. Grab the deep dark color, trust me. This is a good lotion to use on your face, doesn't leave it oily at all!

Airbrush Leg Makeup by Sally Hansen ($12-13): Want flawless legs? Have an important event? Need to show off those stems? This is your GO TO product for sexy, longer looking legs!

Victoria's Secret Tahiti Forever (around $12 but got on sale for $4): OH LAWDDDY! this is the bomb. dot. com. yep, so good. Only good for a one time use, it's an oil and meant to make you GLIMMER and GLOW! Put on legs down the middle for a longer, leaner look! Also place on chest and above breasts--it will make your chest more defined and fuller looking boobs. *you're welcome!

Victoria's Secret Bronze Powder ($8-12, but got on sale for $4): AMAZING STUFF! perfect for those summer days where you just want to glow and glitter like a crazy person! I love putting a little on my chest and down my arms and legs for a longer look.

St. Tropez lotion from Sephora (about $45):
DAMN, thats the best word I have for this product. You want to be dark, LIKE right now?! Ok, well lather this bad boy on. Bronzed and beautiful in 3...2...1...

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