Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Should you workout when your sick?

So often times I have customers and friends that come to when they're sick and in the middle of their workout program (Insanity, P90X, Turbofire, Brazil butt lift, yada yada) and ask what they should do.. I've heard if it's a certain type of cold you can still workout and then I've heard NO you should not workout all together... 

It's pretty simple--if you feel under the weather, crappy, tired, and sluggish from a head cold, cough, flu, what have you, do you really think pushing your body through a workout is the BEST idea you've had? No, but guess what--eating right while still being sick is! I always preach that nutrition is 90% of your results--so why exhaust your body with a workout when you can rejuvenate it with nutrition and herbs?

"When you're sick, your body uses its recovery properties to fight the illness. When you exercise, you use these same properties to recover. To your body, trying to exercise when you're sick is effectively the same thing as overtraining. You won't be able to recover from exercise, rendering it useless, as well as increasing the risk of making your illness worse and lengthening your downtime. 
Believe it or not, there are actually a couple of upsides to being sick. It both raises your metabolism and heightens your immune response, meaning that you can eat more than normal and not gain weight. Your immune system also releases performance-enhancing hormones that both fight the infection and help you heal microtrauma incurred during your training program. Because of these factors, when I'm sick during a training cycle I consider it my recovery week. Here is my protocol:
At the onset of symptoms I bump my vitamin C and zinc levels, drink a ton of water, and sleep as much as possible. If I catch it early enough, I'll miss the cold. However, your body plays an insidious trick on you at the onset of a cold. Before you feel symptoms, your adrenal system kick-starts the immune response, which often results in a great workout—too good. Prior to a competition, if an athlete sets a personal record or looks too strong, their coach will often shut them down in anticipation of potential pending illness. If a workout feels spectacular out of the blue, consider backing off and adding immune-boosting supplements to your regimen.
Once I know I'm sick, I rest as much as I possibly can. I clear my social schedule, work as little as possible, and shelve any projects (even mental ones) that can wait. My diet becomes very clean. No coffee, alcohol, sugar, junk, and I drink a ton of water. Also, I eat a lot of small meals all day long. Your body needs nutrients when it's sick but doesn't want the energy burden of digesting large meals." --  read more here: http://www.beachbody.com/product/newsletters/nl_514.do#article1 by Steve Edwards 

oh and I like to arm myself with some Herbal Immune Boost from Beachbody! 

heres the Boost!

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