Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Shakeology PROMOTION/Coupon-Today ONLY! Justifying the Price Tag!

If you don't think that looks delicious, I suggest you go get your eyes and tastebuds checked ASAP! If you have ever considered or had an inkling that you wanted  to give Shakeology a shot, keep reading...

What is Shakeology exactly? It's like trying to explain a joke that you JUST had to be there for to get. Honestly, there are so MANY ways to explain Shakeology...

Meal replacement.
Lowers cholesterol.
Extra energy.
Life saver (honestly, ask Aidee who had a heart condition that Shakeology helped cure, mother of two)

Depending on what your needs are, chances are Shakeology is your best bet. I've had diabetics swear by it, people who struggle with cholesterol, blood clots, patients, you name it thank me for introducing them. I don't deserve the praise of this shake, honestly! Even if your need is something as simple as what mine is, I just needed something that delivered my health at it's absolute best in ONE glass. I wanted something that had my daily vitamins, but also supplied exotic ingredients from other countries so that I had an even better chance of getting superior health. 

Alright... onto the good part. The COUPON!!! 

So I've been asked, "Abby, how do you afford it each month?" The real question is "How can I NOT AFFORD it?!" Honestly, your health can come in all sizes, shapes, and prices. 

You have that option to choose which you prefer. When you transform fat into lean muscle, trade the burger for a Shakeology shake, and start making small choices towards a healthier future, you are actually saving yourself tons of medical bills later. Sure, that  burger, those fries, that diet coke won't kill you RIGHT now, but your digging your grave with your teeth, so be careful and be picky! 

I will admit that when I saw the price tag for $90 I was a little shocked, but then I saw a video on what it was, where the ingredients came from and all the honest, hard work that was put into making this shake and I almost felt like I was ripping Beachbody off. TOTALLY SERIOUS!! and then I became insanely grateful that I was able to afford it. But I was ONLY able to afford it after I made some adjustments in my budget. Some people will spend money on nicer clothes, more expensive cars, a bigger house, more Starbucks then they should ever consume you name it. 
Think about it-you are REPLACING a MEAL for $3-$4 a shake PER DAY. You are actually saving money! ($4 for customers, $3 for coaches who receive 25% off Shakeology and all Beachbody products-That's $30 total OFF Shakeology, to know more about coaching email me.

So yes, retailing for $120 for customers seemed like a price to pay, and of course I was taken aback and thought, "well this better be it's all it's cracked up to be or I'm going to be one pissed off blonde!" but honestly, at the same time, even if it tasted like dirt and grass, I would have choked it down just for it's nutritional value. Luckily, I sip it slowly to make the taste last longer. 

So in honor of health, fitness and everything I truly believe in I am offering a Shakeology shaker cup to the first FOUR (it's my favorite number) customers who purchase Shakeology on Home Direct and take that leap of faith and health! Trust me, you won't regret it. I will recommend chocolate ALL the way, and the bulk bag ('It's what I get every month!)

If for any reason you AREN'T satisfied 100%, you can return it within 30 days, bottom of the bag guarantee, no questions asked. 

Here are your options:
1. Consider coaching, be apart of  The Bombshell Dynasty and receive 25% off Shakeology ($30 savings) and still get a free shaker cup from me and FREE shipping. 
2. Order the month supply at retail price and still receive FREE shipping (at least $10 savings) and a FREE shaker cup (you have to opt for auto ship, and if you don't want to keep getting it month after month, you can cancel your home direct very easy by emailing customer service, no questions asked!)

Be apart of the Team that's based on helping others achieve their health goals and life long dreams, a family working as one <3 

Help US end the TREND of OBESITY! 

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