Thursday, February 9, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Jean Queen Contest $400 Shopping Spree!!

Yes, you heard that right! Here's the deal...

You could WIN the Brazil Butt Lift "Jean Queen" contest and a $400 jean shopping spree! You'll be able to get that perfect pair of jeans you've always wanted—and look great from every angle. No BRAINER!!

It just so HAPPENS that I'm starting a 60 day Brazil Butt Lift Challenge and space is VERY limited! The perfect thing about this.. you can be in MY challenge and stay accountable and enter the Jean Queen contest and WIN! Challenge Packs include a month supply of Shakeology, the healthiest meal you will EVER EAT, literally, 30 day club membership complete with a custom meal plan, and Brazil Butt Lift!

Check out my website below to see what a challenge can do for you!
Oh... and with Valentines Day right around the corner... it's time to get physical, physical (yes sing the song.. you know you want to!)

Did you know that you can consume 1,400 calories in those little boxes of chocolate you may get from your s/o? I'm personally not a HUGE fan of the boxed chocolate, tastes fake to me. I'm going to save you the grief of gaining:

1,400 calories
48g of fat
192g of carbs
190g of sugar (holy crap!!)
8g of protein (really?!)
(derived from Russell Stover's nutritional label, Sees didn't want to share their naughty nutritional value... cuz it's so awful)

I want to help YOU stay on track for Valentines Day, instead of veering off course! I'm starting up a 60 day Brazil Butt Lift Challenge with limited space available. I've had GREAT success with my challenges so far with one of my BBL challengers loosing 20 something inches! UH YEAH. Nice right?! I've had personal success with it as well ;-)

BBL is an all over body workout, that focuses on the booty and legs. There's 6 workouts included, meal plan, workout guide, bonus DVD, etc etc.

Even thought it's ONLY February... bikini season will be here in just a few short months, and you can't workout a week before and hope for results. You have to start NOW ;-) Get that booty in shape, message me for more details on your Valentines Day BBL Challenge Pack!

To enter the Jean Queen contest, go to the Brazil Butt Lift Facebook page. The contest begins February 13, 2012, and you'll need to submit your Day 1 photos and entry form by February 20th. 

To join my PERSONAL challenge to keep you on track and possibly win $400 jean shopping spree, you will need to join HERE!

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