Monday, January 23, 2012

Warrior Dash Reviews

So this was MY FIRST RACE... EVER. I've never even done a simple mile race, or turkey trot, or anything before... and I chose a mud run to be my first. Smart right?UHM yes. I personally don't like running, and especially don't like running and be honest.. doing nothing besides running. I want to jump, hop, leap, crawl, you name it.

The Warrior Dash was the easier of the mud runs, only 3 miles, but those 3 miles were determined to kick my ass. Within the first 1/2 mile there was a HUGE mud pit, that I gracefully went around after seeing people fall in waist deep. Sure, I know you are thinking, "Thats cheating!!" I didn't say this was a fair mud run did I? Sure, I wanted to get dirty, but you don't want mud in some places it should NOT be, ya feel me?

Mile 1 was easier, we went through mud and I'm pretty sure our first obstacle was jumping in a huge pool of muddy water, that was nipples cold. Even though the idea of a zillion sweaty people trekking through it was disgusting, it was pretty damn fun.

The obstacle I was MOST nervous about was the wall we had to climb up, luckily there was a wall, and it wasn't THAT bad. I just hate being at the top and having to swing my other leg over to get back down.  I will never forget when I jumped off my playground set when I was 5 and almost broke my arm thinking I could fly like Peter Pan. 

Sure, I like makeup, flowers, working out, a clean home, painting my nails but that doesn't mean I'm afraid to get a little dirty and rumble around. Sometimes you don't know how tough you are until you test yourself. 

All in all, it was legit. Jenn lost her shoe within 10 minutes, but luckily reclaimed it from the mud, Arnel caught the whole thing on "candy camera" as I like to say, Steven stuck with us the whole time, and there's nothing better then having sand and mud between your toes... in socks... in shoes...covered in mud.... soaked in water.  

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