Monday, September 5, 2011

Thought about being a coach BUT scared because you don't have a transformation?


Do we ever stop changing? Does anything ever stay still or stagnant? NO. neither will you, neither will your business, neither will your workouts and your health. There is some kind of myth going around about needing a transformation to be a coach, that in order to be successful you NEED a transformation. 

This is simply fear and a close mind telling you that you CANT do it. Well guess WHAT?! You can, and you WILL! WHY?! because you are apart of TEAM DYNASTY. You are constantly bettering yourself because you don’t settle for less. Even the accomplished athletes and body enthusiasts are working towards a personal goal, they are never done. People WANT to see your journey, they want to believe in you, but you NEED to believe in yourself. So what you aren’t at your goal weight or body! This is a journey, you must endure it and be vulnerable to share your story, that is how you keep accountable and that is how you will help other people! 

That fear of the unknown is limiting you from the change necessary to take you to the life you deserve and want. You have to let the fear of not having a transformation at hand GO. I have had a successful business while in my transformation and I think it’s given me a different experience because I shared it with everyone while doing it! I endured the LOVE and criticism I got. It made me stronger, happier, and more appreciative. Don’t let a before and after photo hold you back! While a transformation is an important aspect, it’s something that only you can accomplish, and you will have that after photo to share. But as Craig Holiday says, “Leadership is action, not position”. If you are constantly taking action to better your health, fitness, life then you are a LEADER because you are going outside of your comfort zone to do it. If someone who has a transformation doesn’t do anything with it, doesn’t share it or help people, it does not make them a leader. People watch and look to you for encouragement and inspiration, 
and learn that from you and turn around to do the same. You CAN do this! <3 

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