Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh Puppies...

In life, you can get yourself into messes that can really screw things up, plain and simple. It happens to us all at some point or another and it challenges us, will this break you or will it make you stronger? This past weekend I went through a roller coaster of emotions. Here's how it went (for those of you who want the play by play):

Friday day, it was gorgeous so I got ready for the beach and grabbed my wallet in my purse off the table. I left my purse at home with my lip gloss, IB profun in a bag, and a zillion other girly things in there. I didn't think twice, just up and left. Said goodbye to the pups and was ready to get nice-n-tan.

I get home, relax, shower, and pick up the kitchen, as I step backwards I feel something on my foot. I look down and realize my lip gloss has chew marks all over it, then realize theres a baggy ripped up and has pink coloring on it. I immediately feel the blood rush to my face and panic lurched in my chest. I run to my dogs, check their tongues to see if they have any of the IB profun coating on em. Heads  up peeps, dogs tongues are pink so that didn't do me much good. I estimate there must have been about 15 pills in that bag and NOT ONE is left. I suspect Tucker, my big 70 lb husky as the culprit, he has a taste for my clothes, shoes, trash, you get the idea. I call the vet and tell them what happened and talk as fast as I can. The vet tech, Amanda tells me to give ea. dog 2 TBSP of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting and if they don't vomit within 10 mins to repeat, and if they don't again, to come in ASAP because they will need to be flushed out. GREAT. Flushed out.

So I do as she says, grab my dogs, go out side shove hydrogen peroxide down their throats, yeah they LOVED that and PRAYED that they threw up. They didn't. Figures right? I'm balling my eyes out, trying to get ahold of Corey, who is deployed of course (because everytime something happens he's gone: dogs run away, lizard attacks, someone is stalking me, you name it). I'm looking at each dog like if you die on me I will NEVER forgive myself. So I get the car ready, Corey is calling the vet from the middle of nowhere (opsec ;-)) and letting them know I'm on my way. 

I get the pups in the car, who are stupid happy for some reason (thinking its time for the beach probably), and try to keep my cool. I rush to the vet and the techs immediately grab the dogs and tell me my options: Give all three IVs and flush them over the weekend because IB profun is highly toxic especially the amount they had (if they means all three, or one, who knows) OR just take Tucker and flush him out and chance that maybe Lady or Scooter had some. I'm not a chance kinda gal. I told her to take them all, tears running down my face and wishing I had Corey here. I've heard one too many horror stories of dogs ingesting pills and not making it. 

Finally after  I talk to the Dr. I get to say goodbye to the babies, who look highly confused as to why 1. they are in a crate, 2. have an IV in their arm and 3. why the heck am I leaving. The moment I turned around, they all started crying and howling. Not good, here come more tears. I'm thinking I'm a terrible mom. 

The weekend was not fun, sitting by the phone and praying they are okay took every ounce of strength. The vet checked in twice a day and I got to visit, they were fine. No fatigue, no illness, no bloating or any signs of trouble. Halleluja, praise God. I finally got to pick them up Sunday night and relax a little. They have to be on tons of fluids and pee a lot, but hey a mother's job is never done. and yes, they are my kids. So all is well in puppy land and the Fix household is safe and sound, full of fur and tennis balls. 

Thank you all for your prayers, support and help! Especially to Heather Mallon Dobos who helped me through such a crappy weekend, Elissa-you kept me busy and talked me through it, and Corey for always having the phone right next to you. 


Tucker: with shaved legs. He's lady like, jk-for his IVs

& my girl, Lady:

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  1. Awe, this made me so sad for you and melted my heart:( I am SO glad they are okay! You are a great mommy to them, things happen! Live and learn <3