Friday, March 18, 2011

Motivation, Do ya got it?

Let's talk motivation for a moment. This is something I run into A LOT. I know some of you may follow me either from facebook or coastiechicks and you wonder how the heck I make time to do my workouts, but then most of you realize that I typically only work Friday and Saturday (wedding business, which I love!), but what most of you don't realize is that my beachbody business, while it may be small, is considered a job. I also consider myself very blessed to have TWO amazing jobs that allow me to help others. My beachbody business isn't about me just posting on facebook about working out and eating right, its so much more than that, its being able to motivate other people and inspire them that they can change physically and mentally. So that means answering emails, making phone calls, and just sharing my journey and what does that produce? Motivation, but it's what YOU do with that motivation that counts! I can only help you so much, but what you end up deciding is what will affect you, and will affect those around you.

So how do you find motivation? Maybe some of you have it, but want more. Keep reading. Maybe you have all the motivation and you are just killin it! Keep reading. Maybe you HAVE ZERO motivation. KEEP READING! (hehe)

1. Drink WATER :)
 I encourage you for one WHOLE week to drink 2 cups of water right when you wake up and wait at least 15 minutes to eat. Just think about how long you slept and how long your body goes without water. It's a proven fact that drinking water can kickstart your morning and help your body function properly for the rest of the day. (stay hydrated!) See what a week will do for your body, your energy levels and your attitude.

Simply warm your body up a little and release a little of the pent up tension in your muscles when you wake up. I know that when I get out of bed I usually throw my arms up, arch my back, twist and turn a little bit and that helps a lot. I need to take my own advice and maybe stretch my legs a little more.

3. Challenge yourself!
Some of you work 9-5 or maybe the night shift, maybe have two kids running around, own your own business, in college, on your feet the whole day. I get it. I myself have no kids, so props to all you parents out there-that in itself is a challenge, but lets put it this way. WE  all face day to day choices and challenges, but what about a personal challenge. What is it that you want to improve on? It can be organizational skills, exercising, saving more money, etc. Write it down. Form a plan. I highly suggest taking Chalene Johnsons 30 day Challenge-she is the MASTER of organizing your goals and reaching them. I reached two of three of my BIGGEST goals for 2011 already in February! Go to:

4. Eat better
Notice I didn't say eat right, in a perfect world I would say drop all the crap from your diet (and some of you are that disciplined to do it) but eat better is a little more subtle. Maybe ditch that donut for breakfast, studies show that a spike in insulin leads you to a sugar high that also is followed by a crash of energy leaving you to crave more of that "high" which can result in you reaching for another sugary substance. So treat your body right and go for the healthy alternative.

You knew it was coming. Its so simple and it will boost your mood, soon you'll be a workout junkie like me. I won't indulge in this too much, but get your butt up and move around. Whether its a beachbody workout, or dancing in your living room to Pitbull (guilty!), just get up and move it! (move it move it!)

Yeah, bold caps people. Tell yourself you are going to do this, tell yourself that you can accomplish whatever it is you want. Ditch the I can't, I don't know, maybe this isn't for me and just tell yourself that you can will try and try again. Failing is part of success. People who have better self talk, have better self image, have better results when it comes to reaching their goals. What is it that you need to tell yourself? For me personally, its that I will have to do several rounds of p90x or Turbofire or Insanity to get that rockin bod that I want, but thats OKAY! I am not alone. I was getting down on myself because I didn't get results like other women, but heck were all designed differently. I use to tell myself that I'll be stuck in the job I hated, but I finally had the nerve to quit and now I have TWO jobs I love and met a lot of great people. Notice that when you change your self talk, changes your thoughts, changes your attitude, changes your actions, changes YOU.

So go for it! What do you have to loose?

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