Friday, March 11, 2011

It's one of THOSE days

First and foremost, prayers out to those affected by the massive earthquake in Japan and effected areas. Is it me or are natural disasters happening more frequently? 

Today I am totally craving Cheez Its and Goldfish. Yep. Those sound FANTASTIC, but I won't be doing it. Not even going down that path. So instead I had an omlette with spinach and ham and shakeology. (Thank you Sarah for you shakeology thin mint recipe! YUM!!! 1tbs of dark choc almond butter, 1/2 tsp of peppermint extract, 1 tsp of vanilla, 6 cubes of ice, 1 cup of water). 

Also, thank you Kati for  your endless knowledge on supplements, multivitamins, and protein. Check her out here:

So in order to be Primal today, we are walking the dogs and I am going to wear my nifty Vibram Five Fingers that I got a while ago (pictured below) and maybe getting in a few sprints. Want to know why working out and running can be better barefoot (Vibram fingers is close to being as barefoot as possible while not ruining your feet!) then keep reading...
"When you strap on a typical running shoe, you may be fighting evolution.
Modern-day running shoes have changed the way people run, altering our gait from that of barefoot running — the manner by which people ran for thousands of years before the arrival of the cushioned shoes found on store shelves today — a new study suggests.
The study showed barefoot runners tend to hit the ground toe first, a style that minimizes forces that jar the body, while people used to running shoes have largely adopted a heel-first style that can mean lots of force on the body."  Interested to know more? Go here:

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