Monday, January 10, 2011

New Blog, a New Day

   So Ta DA! This is my first blog and post EVER! So sorry if I screw this up! Most of you reading this may know me through facebook or coastiechicks (holla!) and know a little about me already. This blog will be geared towards my beachbody business and just everyday happenings. I thought blogs were kinda cheesy at first, but soon realized that after answering the same 20 questions to people, usually family back home, I should just blog it! I get a lot of family and friends who ask how Corey and I are doing since we left good ole San Diego, Ca and moved to Florida.
     It was quite the journey and after being here for 2 years I have finally felt that it is home away from home. San Diego will always be number one in my heart because those are my stomping grounds baby! However, the amount of friends I have made here have become a second family to me. Without them my sanity might have gone off the deep end. You just never know with the Coast Guard or what each day will bring.
     So anyway-today was relaxing yet stressful! I felt that I was running low on time, but then realized the quality of work I put into each minute can produce so much more than I know. Hence the blog! I officially started my first two 8 week classes for my bachelors in Psych today! WOOHOO! Most of you know this is a long road I have traveled. I have transferred so many times and been to so many colleges and was undecided until I finally found what truly intrigues me.
     To say that Corey and I have had it easy would be completely off base. We have endured so much in our marriage and friendship and while at times it was hard, it was well worth every effort and has been such a blessing lately. Even as I sit here typing away I can hear his rockabilly music playing while he hammers away at that deng Jepp! Gotta learn to love those small things about someone and take it for what it is. Keep posted, I know 2011 is going to be a busy year filled with high expectations and goals. :)

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