Thursday, January 27, 2011

Easier Said Than Done Right?

Some say things are easier said, than done. How true is it really? It's easier for me to say I will get straight A's in my psych classes, but it is much HARDER for me to actually do it because I have to study, take notes, and converse with my classmates through discussion boards. 

It's easier for me to say I want a brand new car, but much HARDER for me to actually save the money to buy it. 

It's easier for me to say lets go on our honeymoon babe, but much HARDER for me to find the money and time to do so. 

It's easier for me to say I'm going to be fit and healthier in 90 days, or 60 or 30, but much HARDER for me to do that... or is it? This last statement got me thinking. How hard is it really? In the moment the workout may be hard and I may sweat and be exhausted, but how HARD is it really? On a scale of 1-10 I like to make sure I hit that 10 mark so I know I did my best, but like I said it's a moment. A moment in time that gets me healthier, more active, and raises my heart rate. Just a little everyday. It's hard because in that MOMENT I feel it. The good thing, it's over and I will be done with it for the day. I can check that off my list. The load is a little lighter, wouldn't you say? 

It's HARDER for me to not work out now, it has become a habit to workout. My mood depends on it! Whats harder is that in the future if I did not workout now or make food conscious choices, I may be paying medical bills for cholesterol, heart issues, blood clots, cancer. That would be much harder in the big scheme of things. I am not saying that you can't eat that piece of cake every ONCE in a while, but keep in mind the life you want to live. 

In The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson he describes invisible results. This hit home for me because I am so excited to take my after pictures in 70ish days. Invisible results are ones that you can't see, your husband can't see, your family, friends. However, those invisible results add up over time and eventually it shows. I may be working out everyday, but the results won't show up over night. And ya know what? Thank goodness for that because we would take it for granted! 

A little food for thought ...

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight” Jim Rohn

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