Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How to Access the Coach Training Academy (CTA)

The CTA also known as Coach Training Academy. Any chance I get to abbreviate or acronym something, you bet I am!

Whether you are a new or veteran coach, if you have NOT gone through the CTA you are MISSING the BOAT! I review it once a year just so Im fresh and up to date if there was any changes I possibly missed! Also its good to review it for your coaches, so when they go through it you remember what's on there.

It's your first introduction and overview of the business, what it's about, the online office, your websites, etc.

My suggestion is this;

If you're BUSY enough as it is:

  • take 15-20 minutes a day (or more if you can) and do it once a day until you are finished
If you're ready to HIT the GROUND SPRINTING 
  • knock it out ASAP -- make it a top priority
To access the CTA, visit your TBB profile, make sure you are logged in, go the 'COACH' tab and click 'COACH ONLINE OFFICE', then click 'News and Training' and 'Coach Training Academy'

Step 1:

Step 2:

Now, get to it! =)