Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's going on November?

Alright, October is OVER and that means the extra Halloween candy that's sitting on your counter needs to either take a hike to the trash or you need to freeze it and have self control OR donate it to a kid.

This month is VERY special for Beachbody. They have announced some new Challenge packs available and therefor that means HUGE savings for you. Whether you personally want to get in shape or you are looking for someone to do it with you, take advantage of this! These will also make AMAZING Christmas presents!

So what does it all entail? Well since I'm such a visual learner, let the picture speak for itself: 

Not bad! You get three amazing things out of these packs: 
1. A workout program
2. Shakeology
3. The club membership!
oh and... ME! that's the added bonus! I'm running THREE challenge groups, my first BBL challenge is FULL, the second one is filling up quick and my third, is Insanity. I have just a few spots left, so please don't hesitate to contact me! I've done both programs and LOVED them! 

Here's a little review on Shakeology from my friend, Heather:
"Hey girly! I got a confirmation that they changed my coach to you so whenever you get the email that they have let me know so I can order! I'm ready!! :) So ya I was skeptical about the Shakeology but it is amazing....I can't believe how well it curbs my cravings...we have a coffee group and people always bring yummy cakes and meat and cheese platters...I just looked at it and had NO urge to eat any of it! I had 2 inch by inch pieces of cheese but none of the bad stuff! It's crazy cuz I have a MONSTER sweet tooth! lol also interesting is that my diet Mt. dew tastes like liquid sugar now....ick...I did have your fav shake for breakfast and it was great! You have no idea how thankful that we have connected!"

So what are you WAITING FOR?! Who says a New Year has to be the start date of a new you or a new resolution! It takes 30 days to REALLY solidify a new habit or kick old ones. Give yourself a chance to be healthier!

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