Saturday, March 5, 2011

p90x Results thus FAR!

Yeah, I was surprised too. Especially since I was saying how my diet wasn't right. Imagine if I would have had the diet I am doing now! I am finishing up week 3 with Primal/Paleo diet and so far, it is the EASIEST diet/lifestyle for me to follow. I never thought cutting out grains could be this easy, but I have tons of energy, I feel great waking up, and no longer get bloated. Of course, Shakeology helped with that no doubt, but cutting our grains and starches just allows my body to use shakeology more efficiently! I asked a few of my friends on facebook what they do right when they wake up. Most said drink water then eat breakfast. I NEVER drank water until maybe the afternoon or after breakfast. I now drink water every morning when I wake up and realized how important it is for our bodies to recover from the time we fall asleep till the time we wake up. So my advice to you fellow readers and bloggers: Wake up, drink water, maybe give 2-3 days of no grains, get outside and move around (walk, kayak if you are in warm weather, or shovel some snow), set a goal, then ultimately:

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