Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Easy Dinners

So a few days ago I trashed/gave away all the bad crap in our cabinets: wheat thins, string cheeses, low fat milk, sugar free syrup (for my cheat meals, altered products=bad news you are better off with REAL maple syrup than anything), brown rice, multigrain bread, wheat pastas, etc. I am reading two different books right now, The Primal Blue Print by Mark Sisson and Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin.

These authors have some views on food in common, but differ in the area of fiber, wheat, and starches in general as well as meat. They can agree that fruit, nuts, veggies in abundance are good for you, however Skinny Bitch is known for its take on vegetarianism. Which is totally fine, but for now I am going to read them and take it with a grain of salt so to speak. I have totally decided to give up wheat/gluten/bread types of food because I know it can't be good, way to processed and every time I eat it I feel bloated.

However, what I love about both books already is that they're honest and upfront. They both express the concern for pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. I just don't see the point in buying "good" food if it is not free of these things. You are loading up on a bunch of chemicals. I remember watching Food Inc. (great movie, totally disturbing, and an eye opener) and one of the guys in the movie said that companies inject methane into their unripened tomatoes so that by the time they reach our shelves at the grocery they are red and ready to go. If that doesn't make you sick, then keep eating crap.

I know, how annoying, I am on my health kick again. But I don't want breast cancer, or ovarian cancer, or diabetes, heart disease and suddenly die. I want to die around 100 yrs of age in my sleep, not grasping my chest because of unbearable pain. You would think that as the world gets older, we would get wiser and try to IMPROVE our agriculture, bodies, etc. Ah, but leave it up to the short cuts, but now we are paying the price.

Of course organic is expensive, which is a no brainer but I have to wonder why. It seems like more work/money for pesticides, but these companies want the bang for their buck. I can't even afford all organic, but I try to shoot for the things that have no added hormones, no antibiotics, local farmers, and farmers markets. Get a plant box and go crazy. that is my next project!
Anyway-here are two simple dinners:
1. Organic lean ground beef (pretty cheap for a few from Costco!) organic lettuce, and onions sauteed (yes, I know the ketchup and mustard is somewhat bad, but I am all out now! so now I have to make my own. I know I was just bitching about tomatoes being filled with methane, but shoot I am human too and not made of money. Once I make my own I will post the recipe and it won't be filled with crap)

Don't ya love the fine china?!

2. Hormone free, antibiotic free chicken (organic is $$ but we'll get there, baby steps right?) with sauteed onions, bell peppers, and the last of our potatoes. BTW, anything sauteed is with organic olive oil. And this was a while before I gave up starches like potatoes, but figured if any of you reading this eat potatoes you might like the potatoes in the mix, just add rosemary because it gives it the yummiest flavor ever!

Oh and thank you to my personal cook, Corey, darling you are the best with the grill. I'm a great helper tho! ;)

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